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Insulated Patios

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The Patio 1 insulated deck is a unique construction delivering both outstanding insulation and unrivalled strength. Insulated Patio

The product has a high tensile ColorbondÒSteel roof sheet with solid polystyrene core which is supplied in either, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm thickness’ and a continuous ColorbondÒlaminate fused to deliver a compact and durable roofing unit.

You can escape to the shade with this very low maintenance solution and its ideal for flat roofs or gable construction. The Patio1 insulated roof is more than just a patio it’s a lifestyle investment. 

Patio1's combined laminate structure provides a roof sheet superior in strength to its competitors. This allows the widest spanned sheeting, fewer supports and greater strength. Unlike competitor’s products, fetching that stray ball or frisbee presents no worries on a Patio1 insulated roof.

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